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    “There should be enough memory left in the global settings to map 32 encoders for controller purposes.Would that fit your bill?”


    “One thing I´m not sure about yet is if/how to store the actual values of the controllers (the types, yeah, but the actual value you set e.g. a filter to). Would that be important to you?”

    starting from init patch is always funnier

    “Again, I only know if it´ll work once I get around to start working on it, which might be a while, so please do not get your hopes up too high just yet.”


    P.S. i bet it requires some efforts to develop routines to assign midi CC on encoder inside Zaquencer itself, if that is the case external sysex editing (as we do with easypar stuff) is totally fair to me.

    P.S.2 if you also could assign a tempo pith bend to footswitches since guys on decks always complaint about oneway sync.


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    i mean from what christian has said about it, you wouldnt be able to use the knobs to input to the sequencer. i also have plenty of other control options so i dont need to use my step sequencer as a controller. i dont have a strong objection unless it will somehow take away from the potential of other functions of zaquencer. we still havent seen what will be added on the midi remote control side of things. will this somehow cut into that development time? because its not as important to me personally. thats all i meant. you can use some other controller solution alongside zaquencer so we can all have the zaquencer developments that are truly useful sooner. or more useful. to duplicate functionality of your other gear seems redundant. make sense?

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    I am with Alien Brain on this one !

    There is no way I would swap four sequencer tracks for two with extra CC’s.

    There are plenty of bigger or smaller controllers out there for that purpose, desk space is a silly excuse, one would say in that instance – get the software step sequencer and do it all “in the box”!

    Even if it was implemented, I assume it would be on the different layer.
    Imagine you want to tweak filter cut-off on that layer but you wouldn’t be able to tweak note pitch or something else on track at the same time.

    For that reason I find it rather pointless.

    I would rather have better pattern/project management and velocity per drum instrument !


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    I apologize to bump up an old question but im tempted to reconsider the usage of zaquencer on myset and my concern is about losting the ability to control my drum sounds. is there any news on present argument ?


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    hi.. new to zaquencer world.. :)

    having a page of the original purpose cc numbers (which I assumed it did already)
    is a no brainer really.. you could program changes to your synth parameters to a DAW and it would play back outside the limits of the sequence you are running..
    long evolving changes or short quick complete sound changes over many parameters..
    (this last one would require a lot of effort in the sequencer whereas with the cc page is a simple record of the knob tweaks)

    yes please.. implementing this would set it apart for me. :)

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    “There should be enough memory left in the global settings to map 32 encoders for controller purposes.
    …. Then I thought about actually adjusting (using) the controllers in Mixer Menu, because the encoders are not in use there. Just a very simple, straightforward functionality”

    even without user mapping ability, to have available 32 encoders to assign would be very sweet. maybe you could pack this set of CC on next release :-))

    enc1 [ cc80 - cc87] ch16
    enc2 [ cc88 - cc95] ch16
    enc3 [cc102 -cc109] ch16
    enc3 [cc110 -cc117] ch16


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    +1 for a CC layer!

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    How are things looking? can we look forward to this or any more features in what is already a very excellent package?

    Happy holidays!

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    i realy like to have the zaquencer but i really need to be able to use cc controls to control my lfo,amp,pitch adsr and part volume of my instrument. roland d2

    is that posibble on the mixer page?

    PITCH COARSE TUNE EXCLUSIVE CC#21 16 – 112 (Midden=64)
    FINE TUNE CC#77 CC#77 14 – 114 (Midden=64)
    CUTOFF CC#74 CC#74 0 – 127
    RESONANCE CC#71 CC#71 0 – 127
    TONE PAN EXCLUSIVE CC#35 0 – 127 (Midden=64)
    RND PAN EXCLUSIVE CC#37 0 (OFF), 63 (ON)
    P-ENVELOPE DEPTH EXCLUSIVE CC#25 52 – 76 (Midden=64)
    A EXCLUSIVE CC#26 0 – 127
    D EXCLUSIVE CC#27 0 – 127
    S EXCLUSIVE CC#39 1 – 127 (Midden=64)
    R EXCLUSIVE CC#40 0 – 127
    F-ENVELOPE DEPTH CC#81 CC#81 1 – 127 (Midden=64)
    A CC#82 CC#82 0 – 127
    D CC#83 CC#83 0 – 127
    S EXCLUSIVE CC#28 0 – 127
    R EXCLUSIVE CC#29 0 – 127
    A-ENVELOPE A CC#73 CC#73 0 – 127
    D CC#75 CC#75 0 – 127
    S EXCLUSIVE CC#31 0 – 127
    R CC#72 CC#72 0 – 127
    RATE CC#16 CC#16 0 – 127
    P-DEPTH CC#18 CC#18 1 – 127 (Midden=64)
    F-DEPTH CC#19 CC#19 1 – 127 (Midden=64)
    A-DEPTH CC#80 CC#80 1 – 127 (Midden=64)
    PORTAMENTO SW CC#65 CC#65 0 – 63 (OFF), 64 – 127 (ON)
    TIME CC#5 CC#5 0 – 127
    SOLO CC#126/127 CC#126/
    126=1 (ON), 127=0 (OFF)
    PART MIXER LEVEL CC#7 CC#7 0 – 127
    PAN CC#10 CC#10 0 – 127 (Midden=64)
    KEY SHIFT EXCLUSIVE CC#85 16 – 112 (Midden=64)
    REVERB CC#91 CC#91 0 – 127
    DELAY CC#94 CC#94 0 – 127
    MFX SW EXCLUSIVE CC#86 0 (OFF), 1 (ON), 4 (RHY)

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    Nope. If it ever happens, yourself will have to define what CC to send. But System Exclusive messages are unlikely.

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