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    Hello! I understand that a saved “pattern” includes data for all tracks. Lets say I have pattern 1 loaded, and I particularly want to copy this pattern’s track2 sequence over to track1 in the same pattern. Is it possible?

    I tried some fancy combos with the load mode, keeping as destination track1 and then tapping track2 as “source”, “cop4″ was displayed, but that didnt do the trick (in fact Im not sure I have understood what I actually copied there, I think I havent grasped how this copy thing works.)

    Any info – tips? thanks in advance.

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    Hi Theodor,

    yes that´s right, a pattern includes the data for all the tracks.
    Copying the tracks within a pattern to each other is possible and from your description you are doing it right.
    Just to reiterate, when in Load menu, holding a track button for the destination and then pressing another track button as the source copies that source track to the destination.
    “cop4″ is actually supposed to be read as copy, the “4″ does not indicate any track information or so, it is used as “y” here.

    Ok, I´m trying to think of reasons why you don´t get the desired result:
    - are the tracks between which you copy the same mode (chord/drum)?
    - note that the output settings (Midi channel and Outout A/B) of the track are not affected by copying the tracks
    - as a side note: copying tracks is not immediately comitted to flash, you would have to save the whole pattern to permanently store it – but this should only be relevant after pattern switching

    I´m trying to think of other things – in the meantime if you get to trying it again, any more info on the behaviour you experience would be helpful – like what happens after copying exactly, what are the contents of the destination track after copying etc…

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    Thanks for the help, Zaq. Im not currently in front of my Zaquencer, But I remember trying:

    1. Performing the copy function, as per instructions, and exiting load mode – track1 did not have the “desired” source pattern (of track2).
    What I actually observe:
    I have pattern1 track 1 sequence all set to the same midi note 63, and all notes unmuted. Pattern1 – track2 is saved and has variable notes, variable note mutes and seq shift.

    I thought well perhaps it is stored in flash but not recalled.

    2. I proceeded in actually going into load mode again and load pattern1.

    About step2 – I realize after your reply above, that doing step2 reloads the “initial” pattern – not the one that I copied. So, tonight I’ll try the following:

    Go into load menu, keep track1 pressed and then press track2 to copy track’s 2 content into track 1. Then I’ll hit save to be sure the “copied” sequence is stored into flash and try it out. I’ll get back to you with the results.

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    Ok so I found out WHICH exact step was messing the procedure up. Im typing here the explanation in case anyone else bumps into the same problem – which is not really a problem, I figured it out due to your explanation above on how the whole thing works with the ‘flash” memory.

    So….Lets say we have pattern1 loaded (after having been saved to flash of course). Lets also say we want to copy the sequence of track2 over to track1 – always in the same pattern1.

    1.We have pattern1 loaded and we go into load mode.
    1. We press and keep pressed, track1 button (destination)
    2.We press the track2 button and release both – now the track2 pattern is indeed copied into track1 – BUT, remember it is not yet saved into “flash”.

    Here is the tricky part – if you press the “load” button to “exit” load mode, patttern1 is recalled FROM the “flash”, essentially messing up our “copy” and reloading the “old” track1 pattern so step 3 is:

    3. press EXIT button to exit the “load” menu – now you can see that track1 sequence has been succesfully copied from track2.


    3, “Jump” from “load” menu to “store” menu, and store the pattern1. Yet again, you can see that now whichever way you use to exit the mode, the “copied” sequence has been indeed pasted into track1 from track2.z

    The tip that the “copy” is not saved to flash made me realize the correct procedure.

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    Glad you could work this out and thanks so much for getting back here with the detailed explanation! I´m sure this will help others when they run into the same problem.

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