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    Option to make some steps longer like this:

    Go to 2:25


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    I’v put the same question but there was not many responds. Maybe the name of this topic is not so good. As far as I know roland 185 sequencer works just like that. There is a multyswitch to define how long will one step last.
    I know one think, I LOVE the result of almost every sequence you get from roland 185.

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    I bump this post because it’s the exact same question I was about to ask :)
    Per-step step length, indeed.

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    erwan Bz✨

    happy new year!
    some of my top wishes for a potential update in 2018:
    - per-step step length
    - conditional triggering (maybe via another mode like ratcheting etc.)
    - more user scales and/or ability to set the user scale notes via CC

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    christian told me theres no plans for another update for the moment.

    “Unfortunately there is not much going on at ZAQ Audio at the moment.
    I´m still here for support, but haven´t been active in development since some time.
    I´m grateful for how the Zaquencer developed, but it´s still far away from making a living, and I recently took an offer to work for a big company again.

    This is not to say that ZAQ Audio is dead. As I said, I´m here for support, and who knows, maybe in the future I´ll have time again to implement some more ideas.”

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    erwan Bz✨

    OK thanks for the info.
    and thanks for the awesome bit of kit already!

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