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    I haven’t even used the BCR very much, I bought it brand new for Zaquencer about 3 years ago and it has only seen light use… Now encoders are failing and I’m getting the malfunctioning buttons issue…. I’m not sure it’s worth spending money to repair the issue as eventually all the encoders will need replacing and apparently this is a difficult and long job. The BCR is from the time when Behringer were making real garbage!
    If only Zaquencer could be on a better hardware platform…

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    agreed. they need TLC

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    Florian W.


    I have also been ordering a bunch of those top row encoders because they were starting to behave unreliably. I gave up on replacing them after the first one, because desoldering was a pain, and i am not very handy with the heat gun. Anyway, out of laziness i tried “Kontakt Chemie Tuner 600″. Just removed the Encoder Knobs and shot right between the axle and the encoder housing.

    I don’t believe in wonders, and i wasn’t sure if it’s a good idea to spend 16€ on a magical liquid. Anyway, i wouldn’t post this, if the BCR wasn’t working nicely for over half a year now. Of course i am aware that this doesn’t solve the malfunctioning button issue.

    Looking at the average price tag for these things at the moment… i would say that pretty much every measure is worth it to repair the hardware.



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    say… if anyone is looking for a current replacement for zaquencer with a better build, check out mode machines seq12… like a cross between zaquencer and nanoloop, produced by a german guy. not cheap tho. maybe not as cool in some ways.

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