Is it possible to press 'play' on Zaq while he is slaved?

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    First of all, the Zaquencer is a really nice tool. I totally like it!

    Couldn’t find anything in the forum or the manual, so here is the question:

    I want the Zaq to have an external clock but want to ‘press play internal’.
    Is this possible? Do I miss something?

    Thanks for the help!

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    thanks for the kudos :)
    Unfortunately what you ask is not possible. This is an intentional design to always be in sync, which was inspired by other sequencers/drummachines/DAWs.

    The workaround to make the Zaquencer start playing later is to either mute all tracks and unmute them when it should start, or to store an empty (mute) pattern and load a full one.


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    Ok, I thought it would maybe be possible to press play anywhere in the sequence and it starts playing on the next ‘one’ or something like that…

    But I think muting the tracks or loading a full one will also work fine! ;)


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    I have yet to receive my BCR (hopefully this week) to try the excellent Zaq Audio firmware but there is a hardware option available to do this. Have a look on the link.

    I have no affiliation with the product, just thought it would be useful to share.

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    Tommy Down

    Another way is to have a muted section of each track. 1-8 for example. Set seq length to 8 and run the muted section until you want to press ‘play’.
    Then switch the seq start from the muted section to the unmuted section and expand the seq length as required.

    A bit like chopping each track into parts and using seq start to switch between them.

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