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    From the manual I see I can implement something like a control change of the pitch wheel at a certain step activation. If I wanted to do a bend of a note (up/down, down/up) this would have to affect over a number of steps I assume as control “on” amount of change, and then at a later sequence step a control amount change, then control “off.” Am I correct in my thinking? The speed of pitch change I assume would also have to be programmed over numerous sequence steps.

    I also have a little difficulty understanding how clock is passed through. I am currently slaving the Zaquencer to another machine’s clock. Am I correct that clock will be passed through and merged with note and other CC data of the Zaquencer sent through both port A and port B simultaneously if set up to do so by one of two methods outlined in the manual?

    Transpose Enable is to use an incoming MIDI note (let’s say from a connected MIDI keyboard) to transpose an entire sequence up or down, am I correct in understanding this? In a similar respect I can move between patterns using an external controller by way of CC with the Trigger Enable feature? So if I send out a CC 02 to the Zaquencer it will advance to pattern 2 and so on? This happens per track’s MIDI channel if each track is on it’s own MIDI channel I assume so I could remotely change patterns of any of the 4 tracks. Not sure if I am understanding this.

    Can you do something akin to Elektron’s feature of a Trigless Lock? So a control change on a step without a note being triggered? Rather can a CC change be implemented on a muted note step?

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    Regarding Pitch Change: Yes your thinking is correct, that´s how it works.

    Regarding Clock pass through: yes you can look at it that way, that it will be merged with the respective Midi data the Zaquencer creates and be placed on the selected output.

    Transpose Enable: yes that´s also correct.
    Trigger Enable: this has been greatly expanded with update 1.5.
    Changing patterns is now a part of the Midi Remote functionality. For all commands see page 36 in the manual. For example, to load pattern 24 with no mutes, you´d have to send CC 0, value 23 (because this starts counting at 0) to the Zaquencer.
    As of now only all 4 tracks together can have their pattern changed by the Remote command.

    Regarding CCs, when the “Note Mute” paramter is set to mute, only the note part is being muted. The CC will still get sent out. When the track is muted in the Mixer Menu, no Midi data will be created at all.

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    Thanks for the help in understanding!

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