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    I searched the forum first and I apoligise for this seemingly basic question – but for those of us without much music theory, could someone provide the corresponding chords to what these numbers represent?:

    0: base note only
    1: 3,7
    2: 4,7
    3: 3,6
    4: 4,8
    5: 3,6,9
    6: 3,6,10
    7: 3,7,10
    8: 3,7,11
    9: 4,6,10
    10: 4,7,9
    11: 4,7,10
    12: 4,7,11
    13: 4,8,10
    14: 4,8,11

    I’ve tried to cross-reference another chord chart but the numbers don’t really add up to me. To this point I’ve just been inputting what sounds good to me or what I’m looking for but, for instance, is “6″ a Major 7th or…

    Thanks. Really swallowing my pride with this.

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    Hi Matthew,
    thanks for your question!
    It´s not basic at all, no worries.

    So, what the numbers mean is the following:
    they denote the distance (in semitones) from the base note, that the chord will be built upon.

    Let´s give an example, Chord 1: 3,7
    When you choose this chord it will build on the base note that´s programmed in the step a chord with 2 notes, one of 3 semitones distance, one with 7 semitones distance, resulting in a minor chord. Lets say your base note is c, then the chord will create a d# (3 semitones distance) and a g (7 semitones distance), which gives c minor as a chord.

    You can reference the table on Wikipedia if you want to find out the names of the chords:
    (column “p.c. #s” corresponds to the Zaquencer notation. In this table, 0 is the base note, which is omitted in the Zaquencer table, t stands for 10 and e for 11)

    0: base note only
    1: 3,7 Minor chord
    2: 4,7 Major chord
    3: 3,6 Diminished chord
    4: 4,8 Augmented chord
    5: 3,6,9 Diminished seventh chord
    6: 3,6,10 Tristan chord
    7: 3,7,10 Minor seventh chord
    8: 3,7,11 Minor major seventh chord
    9: 4,6,10 Dominant seventh flat five chord
    10: 4,7,9 Major sixth chord
    11: 4,7,10 Harmonic seventh chord
    12: 4,7,11 Major seventh chord
    13: 4,8,10 Augmented seventh chord
    14: 4,8,11 Augmented major seventh chord


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    Thank you so much, Christian. Greatly appreciate your time with this reply.


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