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    Hi Christian, just wanted to say WoW! and thanks! I’m a new user and am completely blown away by the completeness and accuracy of the features in your firmware. Simple phenomenal! I’m having a blast, and looking for another BCR so I can have 8 tracks sequenced… :)


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    Hi Gary,
    thanks for your message!
    Really happy to hear that you´re enjoying the Zaquencer :-)
    If you like, feel free to share some music that you´ve done with it!
    Happy sequencing!


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    In my first hello post I asked about using two. Looks like we can.
    Chasing Gary into funzone. Christian let me know in my first post if you think I need any additional info to use two instances of zaquencer. Additional gear and what not. Thanks

    Sounds fun Gary.

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    Florian W.

    Hi there,

    two Z’s? Sounds like you have plans for larger hardware setups.. for those who are interested i would like to share my personal experience with multiple sequencers in one setup. Nothing specifically Z. related but something typical for a hardware studio i guess.
    At the moment i have Darktime, a Keystep, two Arpies and of course the Zaquencer running simultaniously. As long as i was building a smaller setup on the fly with just one device triggering another, using midi trough daisychain… no problem. I eventually got some Midi Timepiece AVs to put it all together, and leave it connected. Every second session ended up with me being frustrated about sync probs, hanging notes and whatnot.

    Problem was, i always created clock/event loops from multiple Sequencers running and feeding back their clock into the system. Here is what helped:

    1. The Zaquencer can already do something about it: You can assign clock out to either of the physical outputs on the BCR. I have a seperate splitter running the clock only with Z. being the master. All notes etc. go through the other midi out exclusively.

    2. My MTPAVs allow for filtering various kinds of midi events. Basically i only let notes pass in the first place. Once everything runs fine and stable, other events may follow. Clock is muted most of the time unless a specific instrument absolutely demands it.

    3. I had a hard time syncing the Arpies. I found an android device with a text basedmidi event logger to be pretty useful. Doesn’t need more than a USB Midi Adapter for 15€ and an OTG cable. I ended up sorting devices after bandwidth. The higher the traffic, the lower the number of chained devices had to be. E.g. i couldn’t route fast arpeggios through more than one splitter. Too much traffic going on. Now I only forward midi events through more than one splitter, when it’s low bandwith stuff like a single keyboard input.

    I know, this is kind of random, and perhaps i am telling you something you already know.. but i hope it’s useful anyway.

    So, happy zaquencing everybody!



Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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