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    Ian Heath

    A happy new year to one and all.

    I’m a recent Zaquencer convert (yay hardware) and been having a blast getting to grips with all the features it has to offer. I think I’ve discovered a bug in after playing around with the internal MIDI routing and transposition.

    I have track 1 playing a 2 step pattern out to my Virus, and track 4 playing a second 2 step pattern (both C2 to begin with) routed back in (MIDI Out AB T4 is set to “In” and MIDI Out Ch T4 is set to “1″). After enabling the global Transposition option, all is well until I adjust the pitch of one of the steps of the track 4 pattern. Anything above C2 and the sequence will be continually transposed upwards each time that step is passed (e.g. Db2 will tick up 1 semitone at a time).

    I take it that this is not how it’s supposed to work. I’ve only been playing with Zaquencer for a week and so it could be human error :).

    It seems to be only internally routed MIDI that’s causing this particular problem. Transposing via an external MIDI keyboard seems to work as expected (sequence is transposed but pitch is maintained if the same note is played repeatedly).

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    Hi Ian,
    happy new year to you too!

    I have experienced what you describe before, and I think I remember what happened.
    Can you please check your “Transpose Enbl” setting in the Global Menu.
    The thing is, if this is set to only a simple channel, the transpose works on all 4 Zaquencer tracks simultaneously. This way you transpose the control track as well and it will climb up or down continuosly.

    You would have to choose one of the “Transpose Enbl” settings that come at the end and are called 1.04, 2.05 etc etc. These accept the transposing note on a different midi channel for each track (please see the manual for a full description). With those you can only transpose the note track and not the transposing track.

    Please let me know if anything is still unclear.


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    Ian Heath

    Ah! That makes sense. And it was human error :)

    Yes, the “Transpose Enbl” setting was set to “Ch 1″. Changing it to “1.04″ fixed the problem and the transposition worked as expected.

    Thanks for the help,


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