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    During thousands of uploads in the 2 years of development, we didn´t manage to damage the hardware of (or even brick) a single BCR2000 (still, please note that you do lose your warranty with Behringer for the device).

    Albeit, during development of the Zaquencer Firmware we´ve come across several hardware issues of the Behringer BCR2000.
    Mostly we found broken or unresponsive rotary encoders (that you have to turn VERY slowly to advance the number).
    We also found an error that multiple buttons respond, while only one is being pressed (see also this article for a possible fix: This can lead to strange effects, like you wanting to mute one drum instrument, but affecting all the others, or you wanting to enter a menu and ending up in a different menu while starting playback at the same time etc… An indicator that your BCR might have this problem is that segments of the 7segment display slightly light up, even though they are not being used at the moment. Another indicator is that you might not be able to go into edit mode for every button on the original Behringer Firmware (“hold Edit”+”Button press” does not go into Edit mode) – you can try these before voiding your warranty (by uploading the Zaquencer firmware).

    Some of these hardware errors only show in certain circumstances, e.g. when the 7 segment display of the device is fully utilized.
    Because the Zaquencer Firmware fully utilizes all capabilites of the BCR2000, these hardware issues are most likely to be exposed by running the Zaquencer on the BCR2000.
    But to make it clear, these issues are not caused by the Zaquencer Firmware, but have always been there and are just exposed.

    If you have a fully functional BCR2000, the Zaquencer Firmware will run like a breeze on it.

    To make sure that your BCR2000 is fully functional with the Zaquencer, we recommend the following procedure:
    On the original Behringer firmware:
    - try all the encoders for unresponsive or slow behaviour
    - enter the edit mode for every button (hold edit + press button)
    => if it enters, it´s already fine and you can just exit again
    Then try uploading our free demo first and check out the buttons/encoders there before purchasing the full version.

    ZAQ Audio cannot take responsibility for any hardware problems in the BCR2000.

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