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    The original firmware is installed just like the Zaquencer firmware:
    - hold store & load (=”learn” in the original) before and during startup
    - display shows “Load”
    - then transmit the .syx of the original firmware via a midi program like MidiOx, SysEx Librarian or Elektron C6
    - transmission has to be done through the standard Midi Jacks, USB will only become active again once the original firmware is back

    Once the original firmware is back on the device, transmit the preset file via USB like described in the BCR manual (page 18):
    Excerpt: “To receive a SysEx dump, you don’t have to change any settings on your
    equipment. If you send a single preset to the B-CONTROL, the data is written to
    a temporary memory; to be stored permanently, the data has to be stored on a
    storage slot of your choice (preset store function).
    WARNING: If you send an “ALL-Dump” to the B-CONTROL, the entire
    memory contents are directly overwritten! No request to confirm will
    be made, and the memory has no redundant safety function!
    To cancel a SysEx dump, press the EXIT key”
    So, basically you just send the preset file via the same program mentioned above, while the BCR is on and connected/detected as a USB Midi interface.

    Downloads can be found here:|en)

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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