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    I’ve had the Zaquencer for almost a year. I love it as many of us here do. Apart from Christian’s wonderful tutorials on specific functions and firmware updates, there’s not too much on YouTube in the way of providing more in depth tutorials, and even beginner tutorials/overviews for the Zaquencer.

    I’d like to perhaps start a series of tutorials/overviews of the Zaquencer. The purpose would be twofold: 1) to introduce the Zaquencer to people who have never heard of it and are in the market for a sequencer, and 2) for those already using the Zaquencer, to highlight some of its more in-depth functionality and features so users get the most out of the machine.

    I’ve never really recorded anything on Youtube but it’s a project I’d like to commit to in my spare time. So if you have ideas for it let me know. What topics and functions would you like to see explained? For those with video editing experience, what would be good video editing software for something like this (note: I’m on a tight budget, free-would-be-ideal kind of budget, I don’t think my Windows Movie Maker will make the cut). If I take this on I’ll post links to the videos in this thread.


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