Zaquencer Firmware

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Product Description

The Zaquencer Firmware is a custom Firmware that will turn your Behringer BCR2000 into a powerful, standalone midi sequencer.
This will include:
- Zaqencer Firmware for upload to your Behringer BCR2000 (for installation instructions see here)
- PDF Manual
- Overlay file for printing and cutting out the control overlay

Before purchasing, please try the free Demo on your BCR2000. Also, please read this in this regard.
The Behringer BCR2000 is not included in this purchase and must be bought seperately.
Please note that the Zaquencer Firmware is not officially supported by Behringer and that you will
void the warranty for your BCR by uploading it.
Please note that you will also erase the Flash memory of your BCR by uploading the Zaquencer Firmware (Please backup all the mappings you might have made).
The Zaquencer Firmware is only intended for use on the Behringer BCR2000 (does not work on BCF2000 or any other device).
System requirements: For upload, a PC or Mac with a MIDI Interface is required.

The Zaquencer Firmware is copy-protected.
The authorization can be completed on immediately after upload of the firmware.
One purchased license will authorize exactly one device.
It is not possible to transfer the license between different BCR2000 devices.

With this purchase, you are buying the firmware on a CD-ROM (will be shipped).
Please also see Shipping & Delivery.
In addition, you will always find the most recent version as a free download in your account after purchase.

The Zaquencer Firmware provides the following features:
- native, standalone analog-style step sequencer for BCR2000
- no Computer or PC software needed for operation (except for the initial firmware upload)
- 32 steps or less, depending on loop
- 4 tracks, switchable between (mono/polyphone) notetrack or drumtrack
- 2 independent MIDI-Controls (ProgramChange, Aftertouch, PitchBend, CCs) per track
- using the flash storage to save all global params and up to 192 patterns
- each consisting of 4 tracks
- organised in 12 banks of 16 patterns each
- copy patterns
- copy single tracks between patterns
- pattern chain to play up to all 192 patterns in a row
- Internal/External Clock source:
- can send/receive MIDI clock (or both, with MIDI Through setting enabled)
- Footswitch 1 Start/Stop
- Footswitch 2 Next Pattern/Chain
Per Step Parameters:
- Note Pitch
- Note Velocity
- Note Mute
- Note Delay (Time offset; not a delay in the usual sense)
- Note Length
- MIDI-Control Alpha Value
- MIDI-Control Beta Value
- WaveGenerator for above parameters with adjustable gain, range, offset
- simple Chord function: choose from predefined chords
- StepSkip: remove step from sequence
Per Track Parameters
- Loop Start
- Loop Length
- Loop Start Offset
- Clock Divider
- Shuffle Even+Odd Step
- Direction Forward/Backward/PingPong/Random
Global Parameters
- BPM (for internal clock)
- Internal/External clock
- Clock output A/B
- MIDI Through A/B, filtered A/B
- visualization options for the Note Pitch parameter (note name/number in LCD; all/octave on encoder ring)
- Global Musical Scale with Scale Type (Major/Minor etc.) and Scale base parameters
- one User Scale that can be freely edited and is stored in flash with global parameters
- Transpose enable (transpose output with incoming note)
- Trigger pattern load with incoming MIDI CC
- Adjust quantization of Sequence Reset and pattern switching
- choice if Mixer Mutes are affected by quantization
- adjusting track mode: each of the 4 tracks can be either (mono/polyphone) note- or
- MIDI Out A/B per Track
- MIDI Channel per Track
- MIDI Control Alpha Type per Track
- MIDI Control Beta Type per Track
(Midi Control types can be Program Change, Channel Pressure (Aftertouch), Pitch Bend or
Control Change 0-127)
- Global Play/Stop
- Global Sequence Reset
- In drum mode, control 16 independent instruments (MIDI notes freely assignable per track and stored
in flash with global parameters)
- „Instrument Select“ view for programming drums with TR style interface
- tap writing drums/single notes, either with BCR´s buttons or connected MIDI keyboard
- Mixer view for muting druminstruments and tracks and for triggering „note repeat“ feature

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