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    Had a great play with this today! Awesome work!!! Thank you!!!

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    Hi, Cristian. In my account I don’t have a link to download the new firmware 1.04. What happen?

    Hi neutrok,
    the update distribution is different when you bought the Zaquencer used. I just wrote you an email.


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    any chance of getting an idiots guide for setting glides?
    so far i get switching alpha/beta into ratchet delay mode in global menu
    do i set both alpha beta to 123 to get note glides?

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    Ok, so… first of all, the Midi CTRL Alpha and Beta are completely independent of each other. You can reach every mode by just working with one of them.

    Glide is a submode of Ratcheting mode (not Delay), so set the Midi CTRL (let´s just say Alpha here) to “rATC” in Global menu.
    Then if you selecet Midi CTRL Alpha in the main menu and put the value on 120-123 you have selected a glide mode.

    Bear in mind that with the special modes from 120-125 the repeat duration is always “repeat until next step”. If you don´t hear any repeat after setting the above settings, either the note length of the step is too long, or the distance between steps too short. Try reducing the note length, or reducing the clock divider to get the steps further apart.

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    Earlier in this thread some folks expressed interest in Roland 185/Ryk/metropolis style ratcheting (number of ratchets dictates step duration) and I also am in the camp that prefers this style. Though I’m currently without a zaquencer, I was trying to think of a workaround to achieve an approximation of this style.

    If For the track in question, MIDI A is set to ratcheting, and MIDI B is set to control clock divider (is that possible?) then we should be able to fake Roland ratcheting no?

    I’m imagining that you could set the clock division per step to make room for however many ratchets you want.

    Thinking about it more tho, I think this method does not provide the full flexibility of the the Roland method when it comes to setting an odd number of ratchets per step – you couldn’t match the timing of the Roland sequencer using only even clock divisions.

    So, I guess my questions are: would the above method work?


    Are there any feasible developments that could help us more closely approximate the ratcheting style of the Roland sequencer? Perhaps additional odd numbered clock divisions?

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    Bump, because it’s almost the same as the thread “Different possible (per) step lengths!”.

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